Mother & Brother is exquisite. It’s a fantastic exploration of damage and family that beats with sensitivity and gorgeous visuals.
— Screen Relish
Mother & Brother’ shows better than most studio shorts with large budgets...”
— ­ IndyRed , 4 of 4 stars
Mother & Brother is disturbingly effective at portraying the lingering wounds that carry over from childhood and impact our daily lives...
— ­ Richard Propes, The Independent Critic. A­-
A simple story with complex undertones. 4/ 5 Stars ­
— Eye For Film UK
Dustin Cook’s “Mother & Brother” A Bleak Slice of Real Life and a Must See Drama Short
— Forrest City Film Review
The story unfolds stark and brutal, with beautiful shots framing this misfortune and indignation. Directed exquisitely by Cook...
— Cookies 'N' Screen