Writing style is really unique and fun - the script gets more laughs out of a creative spacing of the phrase "harmonica sound" than some comedies get out of entire set pieces. The voice of the writers comes through and supplies a consistent secondary source of entertainment as one reads the script. It's hard to say why the premise works as well as it does, but the moment we see Colt and Elvis on horses while checking iPhones, something just clicks and the delicious and largely unacknowledged absurdity of two tough-as-nails cowboys maneuvering a very modern border crime syndicate begins to make perfect sense. The big action set pieces range from fairly standard shootouts to ingenious horse-car-motorcycle chases, but even the smaller-scale moments of violence are fun. Strangulation by bikini top, whip vs. face, Colt's time-space-continuum-defying skills with the Peacemaker....all great. The script also manages to maintain a light touch throughout, allowing the audience to laugh with the story instead of at it.                                                                                                                                                                                                            ---THE BLACKLIST